Pirate Birthday Party

My Digital Studio is a great resource for all of your party planning needs.

Today we are going to plan a Pirate themed party using the Ahoy, Matey Ensemble.

This digital kit included everything you need for your little pirate’s party: invitations, eye patches, cupcake toppers and flags, pennants, treasure chest treat boxes, thank you cards.

Check out my I do, You do, We do services:
I do: I order the digital download, order the prints from our print shop and your projects will need little assembly and will be in your mailbox.

You do:
You can use My Digital Studio 30 day free trial 130910 or the full program 130646 and the Ahoy Matey Digital Download 130078.

We do:
You pay for the Ahoy Matey Digital Download and I use my MDS software to create PDF’s. I send them to you to use as you need for your party planning needs.


Game Ideas:
X Marks the Spot:
This game is similar to Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Mark an X on a map and the party-goer who gets closest wins.

Treasure Hunt:
There are 2 options for this game.
#1 Divide the party-goers into 2 teams & each team creates a treasure map for the other team. Both teams have the same amount of time to create their map, then the team swap maps and find each other’s treasure.
#2 The party planner creates a map or clues that all of the the party-goers work together to find the treasure.

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